Pumping Equipment


Makes Torque-Flow recessed impeller grit/solids handling, WSP self-priming, Chopflow chopper pumps, grit classifiers, and cyclone separators. Visit Wemco’s site


Creates helical screw Centrifugal pumps; horizontal and vertical dry pit and immersibles, Prerostal prerotation flow adjusting and skimming pumping system for wet-well and in-pipe installations. View Hidrostal’s site

Moving Water Industries MWI

Manufacturer of HydroFlo Axial and Mixed flow pumps for high volume water transfer. Electric Submersibles, Lineshafts, Duraflow, SolarPedalFlo, RotoFlo, Primerite, Silent Partner, and Double Diaphragm pumps. View MWI’s website

Flowserve (Worthington, Ingersoll Rand, Byron Jackson, Duriron)

Creates drypit and submersible non-clogs, horizontally split and end suction centrifugals, non-metallic, ANSI, vertical turbines, propellers, and mixed flow wet pit pumps.  View Flowserve’s site


Makes submersible motor pumps for dry and wet installations, direct or gear drive submersible mixers, propeller and mixed flow wastewater and storm pumps. Axial impeller re-circulators. Offers a wide choice of metallurgy for industrial applications. View KSB’s site

Moyno Progressive Cavity Pumps 

Manufactures 2000 Series gear type U-joint design, 1500 & 1000 Series pin-joint designs, Moyno 500 series for low flow rates, 2000 HS system for sludge cake, metering pumps, classic L, J, and  JS series pumps


View Moyno’s site

Smith and Loveless

Their Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations (WWMPS) will revolutionize the way you think about wastewater lift stations. By mounting a complete lift station – including S&L pumps, piping, valves, controls – outside of and above the wet well, wastewater pumping becomes dramatically simpler, safer and more economical. View Smith & Loveless’ site
Portable Pumping Systems


Dry Priming Diesel/Electric driven portable pump systems. Offers long run times between refueling, whisper quiet noise enclosures, indefinite dry running and snoring capability.  Utilizing the Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Pump for true clog free operation. Suction lifts up to 30 ft.  Includes Automatic level control for temporary bypass pumping, tank draining/cleaning. Applications include: flood control, sewerage sludge, construction de-watering, well pointing and bentonite pumping. View Screwsucker’s site
​​ ​
Air and Gas Handling Equipment for Pressure/Vacuum


The Neuros Turbo Blower is  a “Plug and Play” product that offers high-efficiency in a compact size made possible by combining the latest design technologies of Aeronautic Compressor, Bump Foil Air Bearing and High Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) with built in Variable Speed Drive and Programmable Logic Controller. View APG Neuros site

Continental Blowers

Manufactures Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters. View Continental’s site

Stoddard Silencers

Was founded to service the industrial needs for intake and/or discharge silencers on blowers, compressors, engines, vacuum pumps, and gas vents. View Stoddard’s site

Kaeser Blowers

Rotary Lobe and Rotary Screw complete blower packaged, with integrated and non-integrated options.  View Kaeser’s site
Process and Treatment Equipment Systems

JWC Environmental

Creates Muffin Monster Sewage Grinders, Washer Monster for Screenings, Honey Monster for Septage, Channel Monster for high flow, Auger Monster for fine screening applications, and band type fine screen. Makes Chain and Rake screens as well as Grit Monster for grit removal. View JWC’s site


Manufacturer of Sludge treatment products, Solid Bowl Centrifuges, belt filter presses, gravity belt thickeners, direct drum dryers, belt dryers, Fine screens: “Aquascreen” perforated plate, “Aquaspir” spiral, “Suboscreen” rotary screen, “Hydrasieve” static screen, “Hydrasand” re-use filter. View Andritz’s site

Envirodyne Systems Inc.

Designs and manufactures a full range of water and wastewater treatment equipment for municipal and industrial applications. These include Clarifiers, Thickeners, Oxidation Ditch Equipment, Rotary Distributors, Digestor Equipment, Belt Press, and Bagging Equipment. View Envirodyne’s site

Suez – Zenon Membrane Solutions (formerly GE)

Creates Z Weed 500TM & Z Weed 1000TM membranes for water and wastewater treatment applications, including drinking water, membrane bioreactor and tertiary wastewater.  Created the Series 1500 pressurized membranes, and pre-engineeered systems for smaller applications. Developed emergency response system for treatment of contaminated water from natural and man made disasters. View Suez GE’s site

Suez Inc. (formerly Infilco Degremont Inc.)

Manufactures Wastewater Products: Climber Screen mechanical bar screen, DensaDeg high-rate clarifier, Biofor biological treatment system, ABW traveling bridge filter, Aquaray UV system and cannon gas digestion mxing. Creates water products such as: Superpulsator clarifier, DensaDeg clarifier, Monoflor underdrain, Greenleaf filter, Aquadaf DAF. View Suez IDI’s site

Smith and Loveless

Offers a complete range of Grit removal, aerobic, biological wastewater treatment systems. These include Pista Grit, BioFicient Pre-Engineered wastewater plants FAST Fixed Film aerobic treatment, Oxigest package wastewater treatment systems, and Addigest aerobic treatment systems.  View Smith & Loveless’ site


Creates mixing solutions including Agitators and Static Mixers. View Chemineer’s site


Designs and fabricates bar screens, rake screens, stair screens, rotary drum screens, grit classifiers, grit washers, rotary drum thickeners, and shaftless screw conveyors View Vulcan’s site

RW Gate Company

Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Sluice gates, channel gates, weir gates, flap gates, telescoping valves, stop logs, and aluminum construction. View RW Gate’s site


Creates ozone disinfection systems- both Vertical and Horizontal UV disinfection systems. View Ozonia’s site

Gabriel Novac and Associates

Manufacturer of CSO and storm water equipment. These include Hydroself gates and tilting bucket Flushing systems for basins and sewers, constant flow regulators, Upstream and Downstream level controllers, Hydroclean Fine Screen, and Gritsep grit removal systems. View GNA’s site

Custom Conveyor Corporation

Creates belt and screw conveyors, live bottom hoppers, bins, gates, and complete material handling systems. View CCC’s site
Controls & Integration
Primex Controls Manufactures control panels, pump controllers designed for the water and wastewater industry, MCC, Level Sensors, Telemetry & Networking, System Integration, remote monitoring, and SCADA. View Primex’s Website