Process and Treatment Equipment and Systems

Membranes, UV, Disinfection, Screens, Grinders, Sludge dewatering, Polymer Blending, Control Gates, Solids Conveying. 

Pumping Equipment Systems

Submersible Wet Well pumps, Dry pit  pumps, Screw Centrifugal pumps, Vertical Turbine, Progressive Cavity, Mixers.

Air and Gas Handling Equipment for Pressure/Vacuum

Rotary Lobe blowers, Air Foil Bearing Blowers, Multistage Centrifugals.  Intake and Discharge  Silencers.


Portable Pumping Systems

Screwsucker Pumping by Apsco- Dry Priming, Whisper Quiet, skid or trailer mounted

Submersible pumps for  guide rail temporary facilities,